Mobility Charging Station Starter Kit Business Application

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Charge n' Go: Mobility Charging Station Starter Kit

Businesses are eligible for a one-time grant to install a charging station in their stores, markets, and hotels etc. The Mobility Charging Stations are for people to charge their mobility devices such as scooters and wheel chairs for free. The $500 maximum grant is available to help businesses pay for the cost of installation and signage.
  • Please enter your business name
  • Enter the business address of the business
  • Who is the main contact at the business
  • What is the telephone number for the main contact
  • What is the best email for the contact person?
  • Would a patron in a wheelchair be able to get to the charging station without barriers such as stairs or narrow aisles? Does your business have ramps, automatic doors etc.
    Is the charging station in a location that is amongst other patrons and business amenities? We want people to be included in all parts of your business and not in a corner or back room.
    It's a plus but not mandatory if your businesses has an accessible washroom
  • Think about cost. Do you have to pay an electrician to install a plug and charging station? Are there barriers that need to be removed?